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Why we left New York State

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The short answer can be found in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The long answer is: New York State has gone off the liberal, wicked deep end. Over the past few years the culture of “seek and destroy”, “I’ll get you what ever it takes”, the hate, wickedness, lies and more lies, truth means nothing, and viciousness directed at any and all who dare stand for God knows no bounds. Unless you have been their target you have no idea the hate. I am afraid we have yet to see the extent of what is coming.

I have been known for over 47 years as the “tell it like it is” preacher and having the only statewide daily radio program calling sin-sin made me a prime target. In addition, my outspokenness and battles with many sinful factions are very well known.

I watched them destroy the career of my friend Anita Bryant and quite honestly lived with their vicious attacks ever since. But over the past three or four years it’s really gone wild and even more vicious since the conversion therapy bill was passed Statewide.

During the first 40 years of Freedom Village there were only 11 complaints ever filed against us. Of those, only one was “founded”---the rest were false accusations and proven so. BTW some State facilities get 20 to 50 a month! We had one founded report in 40 years. We put a younger boy in a room with an older boy. Then all hell broke loose.

Some of you remember when we had a problem with the furnace in the boy’s dorm. During the days while we were fixing the furnace, in one wing of the dorm, we put the boys in a motel costing us thousands. It was later proved to be sabotage. A infiltrator!

The boys were as happy as clams. Pool, TV---wow! But not the wicked ones in the State!

The State leveled 37 complaints against my son Jeremy and me claiming we “failed to provide adequate shelter.” Excuse me, how is it “adequate shelter” for the people who stay there---but not our boys and the staff staying with them there as well!

Then the NYS Department of Labor filed a multi-million dollar suit against us attacking our Missionary Program. We had regular paid staff and we had “missionaries.” They were people who would seek us out and “wanted to serve the Lord.” I would sit down with them and we would go over their financial situation and agree on a “missionary support” amount. They could also raise extra missionary support from friends and their home church. That would be in addition to what the ministry would give them. In addition, they would receive their house or apartment, all utilities, meals in the cafeteria no charge, free Christian education for their children, the Doctor was there every Monday for their health needs and their children. Free. Dental people came twice a year---again free. Food bank twice a week plus a ton of free donated items. I would oft times get them a car or provide them a Village vehicle if their area of work required it. Then the State came after us and claimed we were not paying minimum wage---(because we didn’t put all the extras on their W-2 form) In addition, we had to pay them for chapel every morning and “dorm duty” which was part of the pre-agreed “service to God” and why they came in the first place. Are you paid to go to church?

Ultimately it came out that even if YOU want to serve the Lord and YOU agreed to a certain amount of missionary support plus all the benefits---the State says YOU have no say in the matter! Many people testified they were perfectly satisfied and had absolutely no complaints ---what YOU want makes no difference! It was selective persecution!

Every time I would preach anything about homosexuality---in would come another frivolous lawsuit just to cost us money and in 2 ½ years we spent over $350,000 on legal fees. Then came the night Gov. Cuomo signed the “infanticide bill” and I saw the crazy jubilation surrounding him as he announced signing that wicked bill. I remember saying that night, “Dear Lord, either beam me up or get me out of this State!”

In April 2016 I had my aortic valve replaced and they told me then, even though it probably was defective from birth, it probably rose to the level of needing surgery due to stress. Within the next two years I was hit with two “mini strokes” and it was time to say good bye to the constant harassment. (I have a little problem with my balance and my left leg doesn’t work quite as well as it did but that’s all the effects I have of the strokes---God is so good!) But it was time. The handwriting was on the wall. God was saying GO!

As many of you know, we were planning to buy a campus in South Carolina but even though the people of S.C. are great---the system there is not much friendlier and after some very questionable people in NY called them, they were very hostile. The “woodpile” became the “woodshed”---we were painted as wicked and horrible people and guess who owns the main newspaper in Greenville, S.C. You guessed it---Gannett Newspapers, the ones who hated me in NY---surrounded us and are a top supporter of the 10,000 member Gay, Lesbian Journalist Association. S.C. finally agreed to license us for 20 children and demanded we spend over $400,000 on the campus there and “maybe” they would increase the number after a year. Sorry, not interested!

That’s when the Lord opened a fabulous door in Florida and it has proven to be the right move at the right time. He is blessing, souls are being saved and He has confirmed over and over again it was time. The radio program continues on plus about 10 other podcast outlets and Android and iphones The weekly Teenager Someone Does Care podcast and the Victorious Parenting podcasts are reaching precious souls and God has proven over and over again---He is good! All the time!

I covet your prayers as we continue to pray for you! God loves you and so do I!

There are times we simply do not know what God is doing but if we stay faithful and keep on keeping on He always brings us through the valley and He works “all things for our good!” I believe He is coming soon and we must work for “the night is far spent!”

Pastor Brothers

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Unknown member
Mar 27

lol. It was really fun calling the campus and pretending to be a donor to get him to spill all his stupid secrets. The guy will do just about anything for cold cash. For once I had the upper hand. And I won this time :)


A complaint SHOULD HAVE been filed after I was almost stabbed by an unmediated (under your instruction) teenage boy I had never been in contact with before in my life. You ruined lives, you created trauma people are still working though. You stole childhoods. The things you did will haunt you forever. Keep praying though, God really works in mysterious ways. One day you’ll be going to “hell in a hand basket” for the things you did & allowed.


Dec 15, 2023

You failed to mention the cruel and unusual punishment of making children haul tree logs, some weighing around 80 pounds in a circle for hours on end twice a day. Didn’t matter if it was 95 degrees or 2 degrees, kids were exposed to the elements. Your program refused to allow children to take their medically prescribed medication for psychological issues because you claimed “There’s nothing the lord can’t fix.” You forgot to mention how staff members got physical with kids. You forgot to mention how some staff members would sexually abuse the teenage girls or watch while teenagers had performed sex acts on each other.

Fletcher, you are a monster that fled the state of New York not because…


Jonathan Stout
Jonathan Stout
Dec 11, 2023


May 06, 2023

Yeah you left new York cause you went broke that place was horrible was abused by staff physically and mentally that place was not a godly place at all thank God it got shut down

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