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Dr. Fletcher A. Brothers

Born in Carthage, New York March 8, 1948 ---on the very day the Supreme Court of the United States ruled there could be no further direct teaching about God in our public schools. The son of Pastor and Mrs. Rae L. Brothers (both in heaven today) he describes himself as a “PK prodigal!” Since coming to Christ in his early twenties Pastor Brothers just celebrated his 49th year in full-time ministry dedicated to “God, Country and Children!” One of the original founders of the Religious Right aka Evangelical Right in the late 70’s Dr. Brothers was extremely involved with the Christian Roundtable, Christian Voice, one of 7 Board members of Christians for Reagan, the Council for National Policy, the Senatorial Inner Circle and numerous other organizations dedicated to bring Biblical standards to the forefront of America. He has ministered not only throughout America and Canada and several countries around the globe. For over 48 years he has been the host of the daily Victory Today Radio program and for 27 years hosted the Victory Today daily TV program.


He has authored several books on youth and is recognized as one of the leading authorities concerning our young people in the world. His Victorious Parenting seminars have been conducted in churches, colleges and in the political realm. He has fought the ongoing battle to restore prayer to our schools.


In 1981 he founded Freedom Village USA followed by Freedom Village Canada which would be known as the premier home for troubled youth and result in thousands meeting Christ and becoming miracles---Over 23 years ago he birthed Operation Mercy, an outreach to orphans in the Ukraine and then Freedom Village Ukraine---provided the spark that resulted in a youth home patterned after Freedom Village in S. Korea. God has honored his undying love for young people greatly!


Tens of thousands of young people and adults have met Christ through the various outreaches of Pastor Brothers’ ministry. Many “preacher boys” today are Pastors, youth Pastors, missionaries and serving God in many other capacities. Once broken, “hopeless” lives who would proclaim they had “no meaning” to their lives are today great moms and dads and patriots!


Known for his “Tell it like it is” style of preaching ---traditional, conservative with a love for and adherence to the Word of God yet compassionate and with a great love of the brethren---Pastor Brothers preaches and teaches that God has a purpose for all of our lives and a specific will for many! “Many are called but few are chosen!” He has quite often said, “God will be as big in your life as you will let Him be!”  “God can, God will, God wants to---if you’ll let Him!” “Think Biblically, Act spiritually and Live faithfully!”


Through the daily Victory Today podcasts, the weekly Teenager, Someone does care! and the Victorious Parenting podcasts---his love for God, Country and Children lives on.


His life verses are: Romans 12:1 and 2 and Philippians 1:20 and 21

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