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Where Do You Want to Designate Your Gift?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021


Is the umbrella ministry 501c3, tax deductible entity under which the following DBA’s (doing business as) ministries function. All gifts made out to Fletcher Brothers Ministries are considered “where needed most” gifts and used for one of the following!

Victory Today

Victory Today produces the daily Victory Today Radio program and two weekly podcasts---one for teenagers named Teenager, Someone does care! And one for parents named Victorious Parenting. It also is the entity that pays for the Tell It Like It Is Report sent via email every three or four days covering a wide range of pertinent issues and various timely CD offers such as How can I know for sure if I died today I would go to heaven and various books and booklets. We have heard from young people from as far away as South Africa, the U.K., Ukraine and several other foreign locations plus of course from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Victory Today Children’s Fund

For 40 years I founded and ran Freedom Village USA. Thousands and thousands of teens came to the Village resulting in many thousands trusting Christ. Today, I work with and consult with approximately 5 youth homes and the number will increase as we go along. We help families and children find a comfortable fit for them---help finance those who can not afford the various fees or may have no one in their life and take what God taught us over all these years of miracles and help and train any way we can. Through the above podcasts, we are also made aware of teens with needs that when we can verify the authenticity of said need we try and assist…some are homeless, some abused but all very needy!

Operation Mercy

For over 23 years we have supported orphanages and conducted youth outreaches in Ukraine. Our summer camp program has singlehandedly reached thousands of souls for Christ---Freedom Village Ukraine reaches broken teenager’s lives and our concerts again have been greatly used of God to reaches thousands of souls over the years. All funds, designated for Operation Mercy---minus actual costs for printing, postage, etc.--- are sent directly to our Director in Ukraine and used for food, medical expenses and other general care items for the children.

Brothers Family Missionary Support

47 years ago I made a decision not to take a salary from my ministry. In truth, the little church I started with 5 other people couldn’t afford one anyway and never over all these years did I change my mind. I don’t mind telling you it has been a real walk of faith and there have been times. Over the years, when Satan has done his best to get me to quit---but God has always proven faithful---so to this day---I receive no salary---I do not have stocks, bonds, saving accounts or a “nest egg”---I have Jesus and His promises and that’s all I need---plus your prayers of course!

I consider myself a “missionary to the children of America and Canada”, of course since starting Operation Mercy that has expanded quite a bit---but my friend, the plight of our children is horrific. We are losing them for all the reasons I have spelled out in various Tell It Like It Is Reports.

Where does a teenager hear the truth about homosexuality, abortion, gender modification or any of the other lies they are being bombarded with today? I get the pleasure of telling them there is HOPE---there is a way---and His name is Jesus!

My phone rings now constantly with desperate calls from broken lives and I rejoice in the fact: I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THEM. Very few churches today are preaching truth period but even fewer are addressing the evil attacking our children. Oh they will preach (sometimes) about sin but rarely, if ever, name it. God has been good to me---He has kept me going all these years and by His grace I intend to “keep on keeping on” till He comes (which may not be all that long!)

We live on your prayers and support. BFMF also helps supplement my son Jeremy so he can afford to travel and sing in churches without regard for their ability to give him a substantial love offering if at all.

So YOU choose where you wish your gifts to go or attach a break down for dispersing it. The address is the same for any of the ministries---

P.O. Box 65

Largo, Florida 33779

Email me at:

The daily radio program or the two weekly podcasts are available at:,, on the podcast icon on iphones, android phones, itunes, Spodify, Libsyn podcasts, and about ten other podcast locations.

To give via PayPal sent it to:

Thank you!

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