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By God’s grace and with His help we will get through this---but what comes after?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Romans 8:18 says, “For I reckon the sufferings of this present time are not worth to be compared with the joys that will be revealed in us.” (That’s how we know Paul was a Southerner! “For I reckon…” Thank God for salvation and the promise of heaven!

God’s grace was sufficient for Paul and my friend it is sufficient for you and me---not just in light of this present crisis, but every day, in all things---regardless the circumstances. According to Eph. 3:20 He is “able to do above and beyond anything we can ask or even think!” Keep looking up and keep hope alive!

Many of you have asked some very good and understandable questions which I addressed on the Friday questions and answers Victory Today program for April 3rd (available at and many other outlets. Along with the Teenager, Someone Does Care and the Victorious Parenting podcasts. Email me at: for list.

Many asked “What will life be like after this is technically over?” So, let me address some things that concern me going forward for both our countries and Christians in general!

History tells me that once a door is opened and Satan begins to use it (or causes it) we never go back and undo the ground he has claimed!

Evidence evolution!! Even though the Stokes trial would later be debunked and they would discover it was all based on a tooth from an extinct breed of pigs---they never went back and hence millions and millions of our children have been indoctrinated that they “evolved!” Remember Hebs:11:6 we must believe God is! Evolution says He isn’t!

Same is true with prayer in schools, in spite of the horrible devastation that taking God our of the lives of our children since 1963--- we never went back!

Nor did we go back when it was discovered that in the Roe v Wade trial there was no rape, no incest and in fact “Jane Roe” traveled the country, as a born-again woman, eventually, saying she lied and was used by the whole baby killing movement.

BUT---like so many of Satan’s ploys it makes “perfect sense” and “is needed” at the time to those who don’t really know their Bible!

4 things happening today ought to make every Christian concerned!

It was just a little over a year ago, in January, that we legalized the killing of full term---born alive babies that somehow managed to escape an abortion procedure. They didn’t tell us in 1973 where they intended to take this “woman’s right to choose” murder plan. Recently, two Planned Parenthood doctors were secretly filmed and asked what they usually did when a baby was born alive. Their answer ought to horrify any sane, moral person even if they do not claim to be a Christian---their answer---“we usually break their necks!” Today, with sonograms, heart beats detected after literally days and hundreds of thriving children born after 24 weeks you would think we could have stopped it---but you see we never go back!

Gun control is the cry of the left every time there is a mass killing---second amendment rights are under vicious, constant attack but no one in that crowd wants to discuss the hatred culture or the damage years and years of violent music, video games and Hollywood have done to millions. BUT---as recently as a few months ago one of the candidates running for President of the United States from the left advocated not only gun control but when asked what he would do if someone did not voluntarily surrender a gun---“then we’ll go house to house and confiscate them!”

Remember friend one of the first things the anti-Christ does is disarm the populous!

Been listening to the news lately---I’m sure you have. This Coronavirus crisis---which by the way the NYTimes featured this headline recently “The road to coronavirus hell was paved by Evangelicals!” BUT---have you heard the discussions about who should be saved??? Regardless of your wishes, your family’s wishes if a doctor or another “official” feels you are not viable or they are short staffed or that young person could use the life saving equipment then to bad so sad---they’ll just let you die. Partner, that’s euthanasia---and the God is dead crowd are praising it, of course to them it makes “perfect sense” but remember we never go back!

Last, but certainly not least---and look, I have my own opinion on this and I’m sure you do too BUT please lets not “strain at a gnat and swallow a camel here”---whether you agree or not is your personal right---that said there are Pastors and Churches who have chosen to stay open---again agree or don’t agree to me the issue is: the police state coming out of it where they are arresting Pastors, forcefully shutting down services and as DeBlasio said, Mayor of NY City, when asked what he would do if a Pastor went ahead and had services: “Then we will forcefully shut them down and I may keep them closed permanently!” Does it make perfect sense to the liberal left---of course! But remember---we never go back!

I guarantee you on my life---a major portion of this country, who buy into the N.Y. Times attitude---when the rapture happens---they will say “good riddance--- those Evangelicals are gone!” Remember what Billy Graham said, “If God doesn’t bring judgement on America, He will owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah!” Keep looking up my friend, we’re going get through this but only God knows what things will look like when it’s over!

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