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How did we get here? Is there a way out?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The simple answer to the first question is: A. We forgot God. B. We let go of His hand. C. We kicked Him out of our schools and any one 57 years old or younger has been force fed “situational ethics” and “professing themselves to be wise; they have become fools’ (Romans 1) D. And the fools line up like penguins every night on T.V.---one of them lies and the other swears to it and the gullible ones, who do not know their Bible , drink the cool-aid, and keep leaning more and more to the left.

As to what or who is the way out of this mess? Well, before we drown, the smart ones swim back to shore. You reverse course and once again become One Nation Under God before you become one nation totally under!

This much I guarantee you---SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN OR SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN! The good news is those who know Him as Savior---we win either way!

If our nations turn back to God---WE WIN! If they don’t and keep going off the deep end and He blows the trumpet---yippie skippy---up we go! We get to see our loved ones who have gone on before, no rent or mortgage payments (the mansion is paid in full), we get to eat banana splits till they run out our ears and never gain a pound (that’s in the Hebrew), no “fat free”, “low cal” awful tasting food, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear. The streets are paved with gold, the music is fabulous, no Covid-19, cancer, IRS or Revenue Canada. No sickness of any kind and all the fish in the river of life are at least 45 inches. (Hebrew lol)

I keep hearing: Is this of God? Is this the last warning? Plus, many more so let me give you my humble, personal opinion. I DON’T KNOW! BUT I DO KNOW THIS!

The Christian life is all about an individual relationship with God and Jesus! Everything is either God caused or God allowed. So He knows exactly what He is doing---you and I need to pray “Not my will but thine be done” ask Him to protect us, to put a “hedge of protection” around us and our loved ones but simply pray His will is done and concentrate on our personal relationship and obedience to Him and make sure if He toots---we scoot--- and when we stand before Him we hear, “Well done!”

Remember! Luke 7:21 says, “Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. But he that doeth the will of my father in heaven!”

We need to pray for His will to be done!

IN OUR INDIVIDUAL LIVES, OUR FAMILIES AND OUR NATION! I PROMISED God 47 years ago, “I’ll do the best I can!” If you and I can honestly stand before Him someday and say that---His answer back will be “well done!”

We must see this world through His eyes. I’m sure He didn’t relish sending the flood, or putting the Israelites in bondage or any of His other judgments but there comes a time after warning and warning and warning He has every right to say, “I have had enough!”

Read Proverbs chapter 1. “Because you have set a naught all my counsel and refuse to hear my reproofs: THEREFORE---”

He gave us our land! He gave us our freedoms like no where else on earth. He blessed and prospered us like no others. BUT WE HAVE BLOWN IT! Read Romans chapter 1 from about the 18th verse on: “For when they knew God they glorified Him not as God; neither were they thankful”---THEREFORE---

We can never say we haven’t been warned. Sadly, we haven’t heeded the warnings!

God knows when He will send Jesus to gather His own. All the signs have been fulfilled. This Covid-19 crisis presents a perfect storm for the rise of the anti-Christ. Some have asked, “What is He waiting for?” I can only guess but know this: He knows what happens to those who have heard and rejected Him! He still is not willing any should perish. They will, by the millions, maybe billions but in His heart, He is still not willing!

He may be giving them one more chance and us one more chance to let our light shine!

I would remind you in closing that Rev. 21 is after Rev. 20 the great white throne of judgment. I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, they make songs about it: “No tears in heaven!”

That’s a lie my friend. There are a lot of tears in heaven, especially at the great white throne as people watch those they could have reached for Christ, their loved ones and close friends and neighbors---picked up and “cast” into the lake of fire. He doesn’t wipe away all tears from our eyes till Rev. 21!

My friend, do the best you can now. Live, give, serve, witness---do all you can to reach all you can while there is still time. We may not be able to win them all but we can warn them all. Taking advantage of the fear around this virus and the hearts that are more open now to hearing good news about eternity will undoubtedly lessen the blow of watching those you care deeply about at the judgement of Rev. 20.

If this is not THE lead up to His coming. It will be some day. But if it is---lets give it all we’ve got and pray---“THY WILL BE DONE!”

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